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Nov 29, 2009
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Found this...Added a bunch and thought it might be helpful for some folks.

Cigar Related Terms
B&M = Brick and Mortar – physical store to purchase tobacco in
BOMB = unsolicited gift (short answer)
BOTL = Brother of the Leaf
CA = Cigar Aficionado
Cab = Cabinet...wooden sliding top box containing 50 sticks...
CC = Cuban Cigars (not to be confused with CC = Cigar Cowboy :ccowboy:)
CONUS = Continetal United States
Dog Rocket= A really terrible cigar.
Dry box = Putting cigars you intend to smoke in the near future in a box (typically a desktop humidor) to lower their RH (dry them out a bit). Some here prefer to smoke many Cuban cigars at a lower RH than they typically store them at. You can do it randomly, relying on the lower ambient RH in your room or as I do with 60% RH beads in the humidor.
Herf = A gathering of people enjoying cigars and the company of each other
HTF = Hard To Find
ISO = In Search Of
ISOM = Island South of Miami (i.e. Cuba)
“Newb”, “Newbie”- relatively new to cigar smoking
NC = Non Cuban
OR = Original Release
ROTT = Right Off The Truck
SBN - Semi Boite Nature, a wooden box with a flat, hinged lid and a clasp
SOTL = Sister of the Leaf
TR = Trader Rating
WTB = Want To Buy
WTS = Want To Sell
WTT = Want To Trade

898UV = 898 Unvarnished
898V = 898 Varnished
AF - Arturo Fuente
AFSS - Arturo Fuente Short Story
AVSG=Ashton Virgin Sun Grown
BBF= Bolivar Belicos Finos
BBMF - (Special Release Opus) Big Bad Mother F&^%#$
BCG = Bolivar Coronas Gigantes
BCJ = Bolivar Corona Jr.
Beli = Belicoso
Boli = Bolivar
BRC= Bolivar Royal Corona
BTL = Hemingway Between The Lines
CE = Corona Extra
CF = Cigar Family
CG = Corona Gorda
Cohibo = Fake Cohiba
Connie - Consuerga
COR = Cohiba Robusto
CS = Conneticut Shade Wrapper or Choix Supreme (ERDM)
DC= Double Corona
DP = Davidoff Dom Perignon
DPG = Don Pepin Garcia
DR = Dominican Republic
EL = Edition Limitada
EPI 1 = Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 1
EPI 2 = Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2
Epi#1 = HdM Epicure No. 1
Epi#2 = HdM Epicure No. 2
ERDM = El Rey Del Mundo
ESG - The Superior Sun Grown
Fauxhiba = Fake Cohiba
FFOX = Fuente Fuente Opus X
HB = Davidoff Haut Brione
HC = Havana Club Cuban Rum
HdM = Hoyo de Monterrey
- HdM DC = Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona
- HdM Epi#1 = Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 1
- HdM Epi#2 = Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2
Hemi SS= Hemingway short story
HU = H. Upmann
HU2 = H Upmann #2
HUSW = H Uppman Sir Winston
JdN = Joya de nicaragua
JL = Juan Lopez
JL1 = Juan Lopez Seleccion No 1
JL2 = Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2
La Ricky = La Riqueza
LBMF - (Special Release Opus) Lil' Bad Mother F&^*er
LCDH = La Casa del Habano
LFD = La Flor Dominicana
LGC = La Gloria Cubana
LGCT= La Gloria Cubana Tainos
LGC7 - La Gloria Cubana Series 7
LGT= La Gloria Cubana Tainos
Luci = Partagas Lusitania
Mad, Maddie = Maduro
Mag46 = H. Upmann Magnum 46
MC = Montecristo
-MC#1 = Montecristo No. 1
-MC#2 = Montecristo No. 2
-MC#3 = Montecristo No. 3, etc.
MCA = Montecristo A
Monte = Montecristo
- Monte#1 = Montecristo No. 1
- Monte#2 = Montecristo No. 2
- Monte#5 = Montecristo No. 5, etc.
Nat = Natural
Nattie = natural (cameroon, Conneticut Shade, etc.)
NC = Non-Cuban
OSG=Original Sun Grown
PAM = Padron Anniversario Maduro
PAN = Padron Anniversario Natural
PBP = Punch Black Prince
PC = Petit Corona
PDR = Pinar Del Rio
PERF X = FFOX Perfexcion X
PLPC = Por Larranaga Petit Corona
P P = Punch Punch
PSD4 = Partagas Series D No.4
RA = Ramon Allones
RAG = Ramon Allones Gigantes
RAPC = Rampn Allones Petit Corona
RASCC = Ramon Allones Small Club Corona
RASS = Ramon Allones Specially Selected
RG = Rafael Gonzalez
RP - Rocky Patel
RS = Royal Selection
RyJ = Romeo y Julieta
RyJ CF = Romeo y Julieta Celestiales Finos
RyJ EX4 = Romeo y Julieta Exhition No 4
RyJ POW = Romeo y Julieta Prince of Wales
SC = San Cristobal de La Habana
Shark = Arturo Fuente Anejo #77
Sig I, II, III, etc = Cohiba Siglo sizes
SLB = Slide Lid Box
SLR = Saint Louis Rey
SP = Sancho Panza
SPB= Sancho Panza Belicosos
SPBeli = Sancho Panza Belicoso
SS = Super Selection
T-Rex = Tatuaje Barclay Rex 100th (also called a B-Rex)
Tat = Tatuaje
TPC = Tres Petit Corona
Trini = Trinidad
UTS = Hemingway Untold Story
VR = Vega Robaina
VRDA = Vegas Robaina Don Alejandros
VRDA= Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro
VRU= Vegas Robaina Unicos
VSG = Ashton Virgin Sun Grown
WOA = Hemingway Work of Art
WOAM = Work of Art Maduro
WOAN - Work of Art Natural
xXx = Opus X^3 (Power Ranger)
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Apr 7, 2007
Overland Park, KS
Some that came to mind that may not be obvious to some:

LFD = La Flor Dominicana
DPG = Don Pepin Garcia
ISOM = Island South of Miami (Cuba)
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Jan 6, 2010
I could have really used this when i first joined.....This should be stickied for all the Newbs

Great job on this.
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Oct 31, 2009
Good list. Missing Hemi SS= Hemingway short story. Never seen the acronym afss. Also missing parti short. Needs acronyms for viaje and illusione to be added.