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Cigars to help the hungry

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Apr 5, 2013
North woods of Wisconsin
OK, I like to go window shopping over lunch break, filling up a "cart" at some cigar vendor, but without logging in so that when I "quit", my cart would empty and I'd be none the poorer. Usually it works out nicely - usually!

Well, today I went over to Atlantic because I had been sent an email which stated that this year's Caldwell Lost & Found had been released.

Normally I would have simply ignored a post about Caldwell as a couple months ago, they were someone new on the scene with some great names and a price point to keep me away from trying them. BUT now, thanks to some scoundrel on this board gifting me a few Calwells and starting a whole new ball rolling... when I was this advert., I had to go check it out.

I clicked on this year's release, "No Free Lunch" and read the description.

Well, I was not going to buy any cigars because I... well... I just wasn't.

Anyway, I ended up ordering a package of the short coronas just because of the 2nd paragraph by Robert Caldwell below. I hope I wasn't duped.

But, as I am ever hoping that God breaks in and softens people's hearts, I thought this is cool! They guys in the Asylum might like to read this and may also get in on helping out.

Caldwell Lost & Found Cigars by Robert Caldwell
Before Lost & Found was known as Lost & Found. At the time it was known as Impromptu. The idea behind the project—a collaboration between Tony Bellatto, Robert Caldwell and Jaclyn Sears—remains the same. Caldwell finds cigars that have been sitting around factories for one reason or another and brings them to the states, Sears designs new artwork for the releases and Bellatto handles the distribution and heads the project. These aged & forgotten cigars come from some of the very best cigar factories in Central and South America in small batches, sometimes as few as 100 boxes or bundles.

What Robert Caldwell Had To Say About This Release:
“We had our first major release slated for this summer, but then Covid-19 came,” explains Robert Caldwell. “We saw on the news lines at food banks and soup kitchens not receiving enough funding or donations, and families waiting in lines for hours, only to get to the front and have no food available. We decided to move up our schedule and created this line with urgency in mind. Every penny made on the sale of these cigars provides food for someone who cannot provide it for themselves right now.”

Short Corona (4 x 42)
Year of Production: 2016

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Indonesia
Fillers: Dominican
10-count bundle


Outlaw Hockey Biker
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Sep 6, 2005
Hopefully good cigars for a great cause, Todd, and second best scenario is mediocre cigars for a great cause.