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Egg Nog?


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Apr 14, 2020
Do you like it or hate it? Make your own or buy from the grocery store? What kind of booze do you add?

I love it. I'm too lazy to make my own so usually just buy it at the grocery store. Will usually add either rum or bourbon, the cheapest bottle I have.

Nacho Daddy

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Jul 17, 2009
well, that's a good 1500 calories I just drank". :oops:

so go take a few laps around the park.:cat:
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Nov 26, 2021
I love it in moderation. I find that if I buy small bottles and mix them with dark rum or bourbon that I can do it a few times a season and be content until the next year. But every time I buy the big jug I end up drinking it once or twice and then letting it go to waste.
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Nov 1, 2021
I'm not sure of the rules regarding URLs in replies but Charles Mingus' egg nog recipe knocks me out (and cracks me up).
Whether it is real or not, is up for debate but here are the steps:

The Recipe:
* Separate one egg for one person. Each person gets an egg.
* Two sugars for each egg, each person.
* One shot of rum, one shot of brandy per person.
* Put all the yolks into one big pan, with some milk.
* That’s where the 151 proof rum goes. Put it in gradually or it’ll burn the eggs,
* OK. The whites are separate and the cream is separate.
* In another pot- depending on how many people- put in one shot of each, rum and brandy. (This is after you whip your whites and your cream.)
* Pour it over the top of the milk and yolks.
* One teaspoon of sugar. Brandy and rum.
* Actually you mix it all together.
* Yes, a lot of nutmeg. Fresh nutmeg. And stir it up.
* You don’t need ice cream unless you’ve got people coming and you need to keep it cold. Vanilla ice cream. You can use eggnog. I use vanilla ice cream.
* Right, taste for flavor. Bourbon? I use Jamaica Rum in there. Jamaican Rums. Or I’ll put rye in it. Scotch. It depends.
* See, it depends on how drunk I get while I’m tasting it.

Read the whole thing here: https://www.villagevoice.com/2012/12/17/charles-mingus-secret-eggnog-recipe-will-knock-you-on-your-ass/

Good luck :giggle: