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the unforgettable fire
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Jun 26, 2019
Deep in the woods, State of Jefferson
This one comes with some apologies...First and foremost to all my country music loving brothers. Sorry this is the best I've found the genre has to offer. Also there is sadly a skip in the record they ripped.

You forgot to add a imho at the end of "offer". If you don't like it you don't like it...no big deal, but I wouldn't start dissing peoples love of certain genres. If you want to, you will find great country, but it is not a genre full of Neil Pearts', Jimi Hendrix's, SRV's, and Les Claypools. Its simple music that comes from living life in the country and started by sitting on the porch strumming a 6 string. Nothing fancy and not meant to be. Just real life stuff. Go find yourself some Junior Brown and that might start you on your path. The Jimi or SRV of country guitar. ;)