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Getting Ready for the 2023 Grow Season!

Growley Monster

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Apr 12, 2020
New Orleans
Got my seeds sprouting, and got my new tobacco patch tilled. I still have time to bring in 10 or 15 yards of compost, which will raise the bed up for better drainage as well as increase friability, moisture holding, and nutrients. This year I am planting Moldovan 456, Connecticut Broadleaf, Golden Burley, Big Gem, Monte Calme, Piloto Cubano, and Yellow Leaf. I will only be setting out 5 or 6 seedlings of each, except the Moldovan will be 10 or 12 seedlings. Depending on the long range forecast I will likely be transplanting first week of March. In a couple of weeks I will start my backup seeds, in case a freak of nature late frost kills my babies in the ground, I will have more to set out right away. I still have to finish raking out the grass rhizomes. That's my electric rototiller right next to it. In the background against the fence is last year's patch. This year it will be okra, cabbage, broccoli, etc. Behind me are two 2 x 4 x 8 foot raised beds that I will use for Jalapeños and other stuff. I will do a separate bed on the other side of the yard for tomatoes. Eggs are getting ridiculous so we might also build a coop and start a few layers.