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Hello again.

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Sep 27, 2008
Philadelphia Burbs
I just wanted to slide back in and say hi. It has been a a lifetime since I was here last. I feel like I am stepping back in as a noob. Back in 2010 I had a pretty big deal health issue that really curtailed any hobby smoking and addiction smoking. I have since licked the addiction but I still enjoy a stick every once in a while. It is really neat that I have maintained my winador this whole time and get to enjoy cigars that have almost ten years of age on them. I am in process of stocking it with stuff that will sit another 10 years or more. It is fascinating how these things change in flavor and profile with such a simple thing as constant rh and temp. Anyway. I am looking forward to getting back Into the swing of the forum as well as restocking I already have a boatload sitting in my cart at holts. Have a stellar evening.