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Hello everyone...

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Nov 1, 2021
Hi, I'm Bill (Billy) and live in Northern California near San Francisco. I found out about BOTL via Instagram. I have been smoking cigars on and off for 20+ years. About a year ago, I finally paid lots of attention to my humidor. I had not really paid attention to humidity in the past and that let to some pretty dry and funky tasting cigars. Since I have been diligent about humidity levels and a better quality humidor, I have been able to both "save" some more recent purchases and revive some cigars I have had for several years. What a difference. My all-time favorite brand is Oliva and have smoked many of them and enjoyed them all. I have tended to pick up more boutique cigars recently as they provide some real interesting tastes. Tatuaje and Micallef are two of several that I follow.
My hobbies are writing, wringing sounds out of modular synthesizers, cooking (40+ year veteran of home/semi-pro kitchens), road bike cycling and playing hockey. My wife and I have a giant love of Japan and all things Japanese and own a house in Tokyo that we love spending time in when we can. Because I spent 28+ years in the technology industry working with company offices located in Tokyo, I have been to Japan over 60 times in my lifetime. Yes, I can speak a small amount of Japanese but my skill seems to be better when I'm there.
BTW, my username (smokin_billy) comes from the song Smokin' Billy by the Japanese hard rock band Thee Michelle Gun Elephant.
OK, thanks for listening to me ramble on.