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Help me plan my wedding cigar setup

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Jun 21, 2016
I just went through this for my brother's wedding two weeks ago. I kept it simple and offered RASCC for all of the guests. Perla, Mareva, PC sized are probably your best bet because of the time it takes to smoke them and also operating under the assumption that novice smokers will not finish the entire thing. I bought three boxes, total of 75, and only went through a box and a half, but your crowd could be different. There were about 170 guests and I operated under the assumption/guideline of 25-30 smokes for every 50 guests. I did keep a few "better" sticks for myself and those very close to me i.e. father, brothers, uncles, etc. My advice keep it very simple, and do not go crazy with multiple offerings, spend more time and energy enjoying the process and the occasion.

I did something similar for my wedding as well. I did have a few different options, but only one marca, and actually went a step further by making my own custom bands and ordering custom match boxes and cutters. Something you may want to do as a keepsake for your guests.
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Oct 5, 2009
Bump - I saw the Padron thread where you said you got some CC - just out of curiosity, what did you end up going with?
I decided on a box of 25 Party shorts, box of 25 Monte #5, box of 25 RyJ Mille Fleurs. Probably will have some left over but that's ok. Groomsmen are sharing a box of 10 Monte Petit Edmundo. I'm bringing a selection incase I change my mind in the moment. Going with a Padron Maduro 1926 No. 6, Padron 1926 48 TAA or 80th, and a Cohiba Siglo IV as far as what I'm bringing to the reception. There will be a few extra Monte Petit Edmundo if for some reason I wanted to go CC and wasn't feeling the Siglo IV.