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I'm back with a whole new job

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Jul 6, 2016
Bethlehem, PA
But I'm back! I was real active a few years ago while I was living in Arizona, working at a b&m that signed a licensing deal with Casa de Montecristo, so that was taking up most of my time. Since then I've moved back to Pennsylvania, and got myself a job with the big boys - I'm now a merchandise coordinator for Cigars International :)
Livin the dream! This is an awesome company to work for and I'm having a lotta fun, and learning so much more about the industry than I ever thought I would.
My cigar intake has actually gone WAY down, from about 4 a day to just one, if that. But it's alright, I got serious about smoking pipes and now I'm up to about 5 or 6 bowls a day lol favorites so far are Bengal Slices, the Seattle Pipe Club Special Reserves, Haunted Bookshop, Gaslight, or any good Balkan or English blends. I don't foresee myself being quite as active as I was on my first go-round on this site, but I'll be popping in every now & then.
I'm also here as myself, for personal reasons, not in any official capacity for CI. Just wanted to leave that disclaimer.
Hello again everyone!