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Lancero Feb 2019 + Contest


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Nov 16, 2016

Just under a week away from everybody's favorite month where we smoke the long and skinny cigars which take 2 hours to burn while most of the country is still freezing!

Lancero February is a celebration of what is considered to be the connoisseur's vitola. Some say the lancero is the perfect ratio of filler/binder/wrapper. Prone to construction issues, known to go out frequently and require relights, incredibly easy to smoke too quickly due to it's small ring gauge; A demanding vitola which requires the smoker to concentrate his/her attention fully on the stick...

But sometimes great demands = great rewards, and I want to share the rewards with you. As is customary, this February I will be smoking one lancero everyday and I want you to do the same. So I'm running a contest and every BOTL member in good standing is eligible to participate. It's real simple smoke a lancero each day and get a raffle entry. At the end of the month I will randomly pick four winners who will receive a random 5-pack of premium sticks including one of these bad boys:

So who's in?


*To enter post a picture of your smoke in this thread. Make sure you tell us what brand/name/marca the stick is so we know what you are smoking.

* You may submit one entry every day between February 1 and February 28, for a maximum of 28 entry's per person. Any entry's submitted before or after the contest dates will not be counted.

* Each submission to the contest must be a different cigar. For example, If you smoke 25 Headley Grange Drumsticks and post the pics you will get 1 entry into the contest, not 25! An exception will be made for cuban cigars and LE's, for which you can enter one from each vintage year.

*Contest is open to any member in good standing on BOTL.

*Winners will be chosen by random number generator and be posted in the Contest forum sometime after February 28.
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Nov 16, 2016

From my research for this contest a lancero falls into the panatela family.
See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Factory_name#Factory_Names_and_Sizes

To open the contest up to a wider number of participants, and because not every lancero is a Laguito No. 1 (7 1/2" x 38), especially in the NC world, I will be accepting entries in a few of the panatela categories.

To put it simply, your entry:
Must be at least 5" in length.
Must not be smaller than a 36 ring gauge.
Must not be larger than a 40 ring gauge.


@squaresoft; 1-4
@cwant; 5-16
@VeLoRoK; 17-33
@joe45; 34
@unfairtoast; 35-39
@Nacho Daddy; 40-53
@admartinct; 54-56
@bvilla5183; 57
@csk415; 58, 59
@Opie; 60-62
@Tyler86; 63-69
@ApeSmokes; 70
@GoBison; 71-97
@BigSkySmoke 98, 99
@NMPokerDealer; 100-107
@Palama; 108-124
@akpreacherplayz; 125-134
@konmtu; 135-137
@Dran; 138-140
@jwintosh; 141, 142
@Isaiah; 143, 144
@mjones9630; 145-166
@marshall9779; 167, 168
@TreySC; 169-195
@icehog3; 196-199
@Xavier Dredo; 200-202
@Old Smokey; 203
@irratebass; 204-215
@dalindouty26; 216-218
@Mossome; 219-225
@Rupe; 226-245
@Alwayslit; 246-252
@ak2000; 253-257
@btort; 258-263
@habano-j; 264-271
@Glassman; 272-277
@mcicvara; 278
@zyxwvutsr; 279
@Unpossible_1; 280, 281
@drbell15; 282
@ATL827; 283
@MountainFace; 284-286
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