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Letter from cbid?

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Sep 12, 2018
Elkton, SD
You can thank my moronic state for this, we have a bloated and useless state government that can’t figure out how to budget properly. And since it is in the middle of nowhere no local stores carry anything worth a crap, we buy everything online. The state wasn’t stealing enough in taxes from its citizens, so they took it to the US Supreme Court and won. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Dakota_v._Wayfair,_Inc.

So thanks to my corrupt good ole boy government the rest of you get tax statements or have to pay sales tax online with some of the retailers that are large enough to process it and send the taxes to your state. Then they made it illegal to have retailers ship tobacco to consumers of our state, which is good for the B&M’s as we have to buy locally (except a few of the smaller retailers still ship here discretely, thank God) so the state can get their tax money. Unfortunately South Dakota is not exactly known for its large premium cigar market, with only a few shops in the state, and none of the good ones are anywhere close to where I live. In fact it is closer for me to drive to Minneapolis, 3 hours, and buy there (and not pay SD taxes) than it is to drive to Deadwood, 6 hours. It is so bad I have every decent tobacconist saved in Google Maps for when I travel to different states for pistol matches and can stock up.

Still a bit salty about it, in case you can’t tell.


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Jan 30, 2017
Go ahead, vent, get it out of your system. It's not often I hear someone bitch about their state government as bad as I bitch about the Banana Republic I live in.