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Jan 30, 2021
Hello all,

Recently I smoked through three Padron 1926 #48’s that had been in my humidor for over a year, and fell in love with the full, leathery, nutty flavors it gives. Now that they’re gone, I’m craving that leather flavor again. I have already bought more of that cigar, but am looking for others that might also have a strong leather taste. I understand many call it “earthy,” but I’m specifically talking about leather bomb. Not sure if “hay” and “barnyard” refer to the same thing as this. May be subjective, I don’t know. I’ve heard that Opus X and MF The Judge might have this sort of flavor. Anyone a fan of those, and think they’ve got a leather note to the taste? Any other suggestions for similar profile? I find a little of it in LP T52, but not as pronounced.

Thanks, and cheers.