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Macanudo Maduro Presidente (Dominican)

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Aug 17, 2020
Hi everyone

The review of the week will be about the Macanudo Maduro Presidente

Wrapper : Maduro

Type : Presidente

Pre lightning : very sweet aromas with some chocolate. The construction of the cigar seems good

1st third : the sensations are pretty much the same with sweet aromas and a very creamy smoke.
Aromas are on the chocolate and even pastry. A real « snack » !

2nd third : not much difference with the 1st third with the apparition of woody aroma.
It’s still sweet and creamy.

3rd third : not much evolution : still sweet flavours with nevertheless a little bitterness.
From y point of view, there is a nutty and toasted aroma.

What I liked
  • Very sweet aromas
  • A « softness » moment
  • Very food drawing
  • Nice combustion
What I didn’t like
  • A little limited (not very rich flavours or aromas)
  • Not much evolution
I had a really great time with this very sweet cigar. For sure, it was not complicated and maybe wont’ be good for someone who likes stronger cigar (ex : earthy…) but I enjoyed it.

My rating will be 7/10