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Moving from dry to humid climate - what storage issues to expect?

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Nov 8, 2006
I'm moving from the Mid-West, where I constantly worried about my cigars being too dry and cool to a tropical climate where I am worried about them being too wet and hot ( 80% humidity and up). How will the storage game change?

Should I keep the cigars in a humidor sans humidifier? What is the best way to keep the temperature down?

What's the best setup?
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Jan 30, 2017
OK, heat and humidity I know about. Ask me anything.

If you keep your house in the very low 70's or upper 60s your problem will still be low humidity. Most of us cannot afford that kind of electric bill so we use some type of refrigeration. A good cigar cooler or refrigerator is an option.

I store everything between 66 and 68 degrees in sealed tupperdors. Cubans store at 65% for long term and NCs store at 68%

I typically smoke in 80% humidity outdoors and find cigars kept at lower humidity will smoke better so I dry box for a week or so at 62% before smoking.
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Mar 14, 2023
Moving to a humid climate can indeed affect your cigar storage. To prevent them from getting too moist, consider using a humidor without a humidifier or using humidity beads that absorb excess moisture. Keeping your cigars at a consistent temperature is crucial; you can use a wine cooler or cellar to maintain a cooler environment.
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