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My 1st review : Balmoral - Anejo XO (Dominican)

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Aug 17, 2020
Hi everyone

This is my 1st review and as I wrote in my presentation, I’m a newbie in the world of cigars so forgive my lack of expertise (and my grammar – vocabulary mistakes because I’m French :D)

Unfortunately this 1st review will be about a cigar I didn’t like that much (which is pretty uncommun) : Balmoral – Anejo XO Small Robusto

Wrapper color : Oscuro

Pre light : mostly sweet aroma (honey) ; and cedar (probably from my cave too). The construction seems great with no imperfections

1st third : The savour is mostly bitter (from my point of view) and the sensation is mostly on the « dryness ».

On the retrohaling, the aromas are completely different from the « pre light » and tend towards the coffee (roasted), herbal and wood (but more oak and not cedar which is more « sweeety » from my point of view). I was expecting something more sweety for a 1st third and was a little surprised.

2nd third : the roasted coffee stayed and the wood too. The herbal aroma is fainting and is replaced with earth and a little pepper. The savour stayed bitter and the sensation is between dryness and spicy.

3rd third : pretty much the same than the 2nd but a new aroma more on the « toasted » came, the pepper is stronger and the coffee disappeared . No big change neither on the savour and sensation but I noted more bitterness and dryness.

What I liked :

  • perfect construction and a very nice combustion
  • very tasty cigar with a lot of aromas
  • good density of the smoke
What I didn’t like :

  • indeed the general flavour and aromas… In fact, the cigar was not really to my taste because too dry and lacked (for me) some sweet flavour that I like so much !
Anyway, I think this is not a bad cigar if you like something quite strong with the characteristics I described.

So general rating will be 6/10 for me because I don’t like it that much but I guess you can consider a 7/10 otherwise.

Thanks to all who read me till the end

Here are some pictures :


152876 152877


testing testing.....is this thing on?
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Dec 28, 2018
North Idaho
Nice review! I also found sometimes that a cigar is just bad that day and ill try one again later.


I don't smoke cigars often... HaHa just kidding :)
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Dec 12, 2019
Lake Mary, FL
I liked the Balmoral oscuro, but it's not a favorite. A bit pricey. Not something I'd buy again, but I got a fiver so still a few more left to try