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Need advice on which older/rare/HTF sticks to buy...

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Sep 27, 2020
If you intend on splashing around some money, buy some boxes of Cubans. That's where I would go for long term stash building. I don't have the room for capacity at this point so I'll burn through my current stash and add as room frees up over the next year or so.

But yes, going forward I plan on going all Cuban. To me the only NC that is priced super premium and worth it are the Padrons. The 45th and 80th are my absolute favorite NC. Opus always disappoints no matter what year and my stash goes all the way back to 2004. Got one left. But your taste may differ.

Now, there are so many great NCs out there that it doesn't matter how much they cost. You can find great ones at any price point. It is just when you move along the pricing curve upward the more disappointments you are going to be in for.
Even the sharks 77s?