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Non-Newbie Blind Trade Thread

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Feb 1, 2014
Wouldn't you like to know, IL
Hey brothers, I'm really looking for some Padron merch. Like a shirt or hat, anybody care to trade?
Forgive me if I'm wrong but I believe this should go in the ISO/WTT sub forum. This thread is for getting hooked up with a blind trade, set up via PM.

I'm sure all of you by now know about the Newbie Sampler Thread.

I was thinking though, that's a one-time deal to help introduce new botl's to the board, help them get their first Trader Rating and meet a senior BOTL in the process - which is all well and good, but I've seen a number of happy traders come back in looking for a second trade. They're always directed to the Marketplace to look for another trade, but until now there's been nothing to facilitate that.

If there's sufficient interest, I'll coordinate a sort of non-noob blind trading thread. What I was thinking is doing anonymous pairings, set up by pm. Trades will be a minimum of FIVE cigars, and an absolute maximum of TEN. The trade can also include ONE non-cigar item, up to a maximum value of $20, but it is not mandatory. My idea here is for the entire trade to be able to fit in a small flat rate box to try and keep costs low.

Anyone interested in doing a blind trade, please send me a PM including your name and address (thus the whole "blind" trade part) and I'll pair you up with another BOTL for some fun and destruction :boxing: . Post your DC's or taunts in the thread, as well as pics of any demolition received - and above all, don't forget to leave TR for your partner.

Not open for further replies.