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pic of your four legged smoking buddy


"That guy"
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Oct 9, 2018
Delaware, AR
Haven't had a dog in over a decade, and the ex wife took her from me. Then I was working far too many hours a week to have one around, and for the last year with the post office we've been going back and forth of whether or not to get one, and finally decided in the last couple weeks that with the boy gone, and me around more, this house is big enough for fur babies! Went to the shelter and found this guy, he's ~3-4 years old and lived most of his life tied to a tree and mostly forgotten about, until about a month ago when he was removed by the local PD. He didn't even have a name. The shelter named him Jack, after Mr. Skellington, from the nightmare before Christmas, because he was little more than skin and bones when they got him. The first time he had been inside a house was about an hour and a half ago when we brought him home. He seems to be taking to the idea of central air during an Arkansas summer! Now, if you stuck with me through Jack's life story, treat yourself to some pup pics!

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Jun 11, 2015
Cinder is cool, could be short for Cinderella.

Of course she could be Ash, short for Ashley.

She's a beauty no matter her name.