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Possibly the best wife ever!

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May 7, 2017
Lexington, Virginia
So my wife gave me my Christmas present a little early this year since “she didn’t want to look at that huge ass box sitting in the living room for the next 2 weeks”. I’ve been wanting this cabinet humidor for 2 years now but life has always gotten in the way and unforeseen expenses have always prevented it. I’m very blessed for my wife Heather. She couldn’t have gotten me a better gift, even if I’m forbidden to use it until Christmas. (I do sneak out at night aNd put one stick in it just out of passive aggressiveness).C1F16D53-E920-4605-B329-854568A0C18A.jpeg72D43EC2-AE49-445C-993A-2430B5DE90BB.jpeg6C02A707-2525-46A4-A644-B594C47DE4C8.jpeg7A590172-A61D-4EDD-8A42-FE1DBE0350B3.jpeg