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Aug 27, 2017
North East Tennessee
Great thread. Not sure I have a lot to contribute, but I will follow with interest. For me, I find my wife and I inspire and motivate each other. For example, I've had a desire to move out of my current area since college, but for one reason or another have never done it, usually because I was moving up at work and generally putting down roots. But I really want to build a life somewhere else, and my wife wants that even more than me, so now we are trying to do something about it. Could tell 100 other stories like that.

So I guess what I'm saying is that surrounding myself with people who motivate and inspire me has been whats worked for me. There are too many people who get off on being better than others, I am guilty of this sometimes too. Find people who get off on helping others accomplish what they set out to do (I am guilty of this too I like to think, especially at work).

I like being a little fish in a big pond instead of a big fish in a little pond; those are words to live by. If you are the most successful person in whatever way you care about in your group of peers, get new/more peers. This will keep the bar set high and keep you going.
Truth! Good stuff. (y)