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Preparing leaves

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May 18, 2020
Hi guys I have a few questions. How are you dry storing after you rolled and for how long . how do you prepare leaves that have not been flattened. Also what do you do to clean really dirty leave. I have some paraguay filler that is absolutely caked with dirt.
Thanks. New guy here
Appreciate it

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Sep 1, 2015
Central Maryland
Welcome aboard for sure. I saw your sticks. Instead of directing to posts/threads, let me just answer you.
I'll keep them out for a little while so there not to wet then they get staged depending on what they need. I'll use some dry leaf at times to wick away moister. At times I'll roll drier so they can be burned sooner.
Prepping leaf for rolling involves wetting them down so they can be manipulated so they don't break up to much.
It will take whatever time is needed to absorb the water. They need to dry for rolling with wet leaf may cause drying problems.
Shake and brush of some of that dirt before you wet it down. If your going to rinse leaf off, shake off the access. If your going to mist leaf off, shake off the access.
When your working the leaf out, (stretching out the crinkles) rinse your hands of and return to working the leaf out. It is a little tedious but, the dirt will get worked out.
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May 9, 2014
Newark, Dull-Aware
I got some of that sandy flojo once. Tried washing it; but it seemed like too much trouble. Then I got to thinking: I paid for dirt by the pound. Pissed me off.
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Dec 27, 2013
Almonte, Ontario
What Marc said was right on. He's a pro. Here's the way I deal with those issues.

To clean dirty leaves it's important to get the leaves damp enough to be flexible so that can be handled without breaking. This can involve spraying the leaves and leaving them in a plastic bag for a few hours. When the leaves can be opened fully I would put them under the tap and really rinse off the dirt. After this they will need to dry out so leave them in the air until they are flexible but not wet, until they "crackle" a bit when folded. This is a good case for filler for rolling.

Regarding leaves that are not flattened, I assume you mean they are still crumpled up and are too dry to flatten. These must be sprayed and put in a plastic bag until flexible and then flattened. It is easier to store you leaves flattened so you don't have to deal with this when you want to roll.

After rolling I like to put my sticks into my humidor. I might wait a few hours for the excess moisture to evaporate from the wrapper leaves but I like the idea of my rolls slowly coming to the desired RH in a controlled environment if I'm not in a hurry to smoke them.

These are my methods. Opinions may vary.