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Quick review Monte #3 from 08

Rating - 100%
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Feb 6, 2020
These only arrived earlier this week so really I should not even be smoking one yet. :)... Of course this doesn't stop me and as I was photographing the boxes that arrived this week I just had to try one.

Construction was good, fill was perfect for a corona sized cigar. I like the size and it's about a 1 hr smoke..

Normally when I do a review I get pretty in depth. I'm not going to do that with this review because 1) I've already smoked it and 2) It still needs to rest after traveling here. :).

That being said, draw was perfect all the way through. Nice copious amounts of smoke all the way through. Slight saltiness on the lips and an overall taste of cacoa and with some mild chocolate notes in there as well. Med bodied and med to full flavor. Nice strong finish on it as well. Same taste profiles all the way through though just lighter at the start and stronger on the finish. I'll give these a couple weeks to rest and then give them a proper review.

I like to give a price to value rating as well as the cigars rating.

The cigar overall is a high 80's for me. 87 or 88.. We'll see how that changes in a couple weeks.
Price to value is very good. Also high 80's to low 90's meaning I would probably buy these again at the current sale prices. 12 years of age and only 20-25 bucks more than current production prices so IMO a very good value if you like this profile.