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[Rant] Frustrated with a box pass (not here don't worry)

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Nov 1, 2013
My point indicating cliques and associated arrogance or exclusion was a general indicator of forums in general, along with large groups that have set ways of doing things and have more notable members versus others. It is natural to be cliquish of a sort, but the point was not a label towards this community in particular, so much as on and offline communities in general. There will always be outliers and misnomers and whether or not this is one of them is not my place to judge at the moment, nor is my intention to do, merely to point out that in general communities that are more informal and thus less structured, the rules are often not... Enforced nor well established, especially with those you dont know very well, and when there's not much of a consequence.

It's appalling that your contribution was disrespected, in regards to the OP, but I would think it'd have been a surprise, albeit a pleasant one, if it had been. Props for trying. I dont think your experience should sour you from trying again, just be sure youre okay with it if it does.
Oh ok i see what your saying. Congrats on a big win last night too!!
Thanks about time we put OSU in their place, or at least made them rethink that arrogance lol. I didn't get to watch, was studying for 12 hours a, but I caught the highlights and heard them.

I added a smiley to my post above, for clarification lol.