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Returning To The Forum From Castle Rock, Colorado

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Jun 17, 2021
Hey everyone! Started smoking cigars somewhere around 2003 - maybe one a month, tops. Got into some of the major brands and slowly got more into cigars. After a little bit I got into the BOTL site and the community surrounding cigars became just as enjoyable as the cigars themselves. I forgot the password to the account and don't have access to the email I used, hence this new start.

2009ish started a website called The Cigar Nut - we did cigar reviews and news for a few years, had a lot of fun, met a lot of interesting people and enjoyed some great cigars. As things in life seem to always change and evolve, the cigar blog gave way to the ultimate desire of running a cigar shop.

2014ish we started Cigar Bandits - Online Cigar Retail. Again - had a lot of fun and learned more in a short time than I ever thought I would.

Wrapped up shop about a year and a half ago as we were moving from St. Louis, Missouri to Colorado. Once we got out to Castle Rock, I tried a few small 'other' business endeavor ideas that just didn't pan out and ended up looking into cigars again.

The town I live in is about halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs and while there are a number of smokers in the area - the presence of cigar shops is severely lacking. A few beers and a good conversation later and we started things up again! The shop has been running for a few months and hopefully will be growing in to a storefront sooner than later.

I miss chatting with you all and look forward to joining the crowd and sharing cigar experiences - may they be enjoyable more often than not!