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Review of the Partagas Serie 2 Maduro

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Aug 17, 2020
Hi everyone

This time I’ll be reviewing the Serie 2 Maduro Partagas that I liked a lot

Wrapper : Maduro

Type : Short Pyramid

Pre lightning : sweet aromas : honey, chocolate and wood. The construction seems great.

1st third : sweet flavours like the prelightning. The smoke is very creamy and pleasant. On the retrohaling, we have very smooth aromas : honey, chocolate and light wood (cedar). Maybe we can find some leather ar the end of this 1st third (or at the beginning of the 2nd as we want !!)

Anyway this start is very promising

2nd third : the flavours remain sweet but some bitterness is coming (but very light so it’s not bothering me at all).

The aromas are still on the woody (but a little different than the 1st third more on the pencil) and the pepper is coming too with still the chocolate but a little more bitter so I’ll say cacao.

3rd third : a little dryer for the smoke and even a little astringent at the end.

The aromas are now more on the toasted but the woody remains with something dryer like the oak.

The pepper is still here too.

Generally speaking, the drawing was good with nevertheless some « adjustments » to make on the combustion to have something even (just at the beginning of the cigar) so nothing serious

What I liked :

  • A pleasant drawing
  • Very nice and pleasant aromas
  • Good consistency of the smoke
What I didn’t like
  • The last third a little too bitter
  • The combustion which could have been a little better (at least at the beginning)
Anyway I had a really great time with the 1st 2 third which were really amazing from my point of view.
I gave it a 8/10 (and not a 9 because of the last third I liked less).



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Jul 9, 2015
Couple questions:

1. How old was the cigar?
2. How fast do you smoke? Thinking the 3/3 bitterness may have been caused by smoking too fast?
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Aug 17, 2020
I don't know the age : I bought it individually
I don't think it was caused by the way of smoking : it lasted about 2 hours so I really took my time