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Shaving Soap/Cream Purchase Thread

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Nov 28, 2016
Bronx, NY
Mostly soaps scented with pipe or cigar tobacco arrived today.

- Catie's Bubbles Connecticut Shade
- Asylum Old Virginia
- Declaration Grooming Gratiot League Square
- Henri et Victoria Cognac and Cuban Cigars
- Noble Otter Flying Hide
- Noble Otter The Trail
- Dr. Jon's Artic Hydra

How's the scent of the Henri et Victoria? I was looking at getting a tub of that also as I've read rave reviews about it.
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Feb 8, 2015
Long Island, New York, USA
Nice haul, Although I've heard great things about A&E, I've never tried it. Let me know the how it performs and also the scent profile. Also the Anne Bonny.
Kelvin got me on the A&E kick. I’ve been happy with all their soaps so far. I have their Summer Fig (gifted to me by Kelvin) and got a sample of their A&E Vanil de Tobac which has superb aromas of vanilla, tobacco and a little cinnamon??? Super thick lather once I get the hang of how much water to soak my brush. Still a work in progress on that though.

The summer fig I have to get back to you when I use it again. I have a small rotation now so I rotate every shave.

The Anne Bonny, definitely strong on the nose from the sample. Some notes of dark rum and strong scent of lime which stuck around for an hour or so after shaving. The lather built up was superb though.