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Aug 23, 2019
Santa Cruz CA
First time I've bought more than 1 stick from the local shop, 5 sampler of RyJs and a cutter for $31 after shipping and tax. I think that's good value, definitely better than the singles.
The 3 unlabeled ones are my handrolls. This is as big as my stash has ever been, and I found my lost jar of Latakia! Good day.1stbuy.jpg


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Sep 29, 2014
Mooresville, IN
These arrived today, so happy, had to have the Badass lighter too, I might buy one more.......just in case ya know?

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Remember that lighter? Well I pulled out the insert to see how much fuel was in it (it arrived with fuel in it already, I was just curious). Well the insert was very difficult to get out of the case, so I looked at the bottom for the refill hole.....nope, so it has to be on the bottom of the insert (I've owned ed one of these before) so I finally get it out then it would not go back in again easily and that little part that is attached and helps with the lid opening and closing wouldn't stay up anymore.....so I contacted the vendor & Edgar Hoill himself......They sent me a replacement & I ordered another one (because they are so bad-ass).

They arrived yesterday, along with 3 new sticks courtesy of Edgar (he was at the vendor when I contacted them).

Now does anyone have experience with these type of lighters/inserts? They look like normal Zippos, but they seem a bit smaller......why would the insert be hard to get out and replaced? I contacted the vendor again last night that I couldn't pull the insert out of either one again and he suggested that they could be shaved down.....so as of now I have 2 cool lighters that once they are empty they may not be refilled......anyone have any tips?
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Aug 20, 2019
Try putting then in the freezer for 20 minutes then try pulling them out. I use a Thunderbolt insert in a vintage zippo.

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