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Vaporizer/Electronic Cigarette Q&A

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Feb 1, 2015
Perris, Ca
I just started vaping 2 days ago and am in the process of trading a fellow botl some sticks for an itaste mvp 2 (to the best of his knowledge, this is the model). I did some research on it and I have a question regarding the voltage and wattage. It says that they are adjustable in .1 increments. How does adjusting them affect the experience?
Variable voltage / wattage vapes are useful because juices have different compositions as far as percentages of pg and vg. Some juices may taste or vaporize better at higher voltage, some lower.

Same with the atomizer / tanks. The atomizer that vaporizes the juice will vary in electrical resistance (ohms). So some will get hotter with less voltage.

Some vapes have set voltage, in which case you use rebuildable units on top and adjust the resistance on your atomizer rather than adjust voltage on the vape itself.

Sorry if I lost you there brother. It's probably more simple than I made it sound. Just use trial and error to find the sweet spot on the voltage for the juice you use. PM if you need help with anything.

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Mar 20, 2014
I lost my mind today and purchased this:


I didn't actually get it there or for quite as good a price as I gave my business to a local shop. They were awesome and gave me a discount on their normal prices that made it close enough for me.

I figure I'll use it in the car and on the rare occasion I'm by myself at the house and don't want to commit to a pipe or cigar.
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Jan 15, 2015
It is hard to go wrong with Innokin. I still use the MVP 2.0 11w model on a pretty regular basis and can't see trading up for anything else until it dies. With a 510 threaded tank I can vape at 8 or 9 watts and be perfectly happy. I use 1.5 - 1.7 ohm coils though. I don't sub or cloud chase.
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Aug 6, 2020
I wanted to throw my knowledge out there for anyone that is interested in E-cig's. While my knowledge is not full proof by any means I have a lot of friends that use vaporizers as well and we all get together to have discussions, trade ideas, tips and help each other out. That's why I decided to start this thread as a way to help out those beginners to vaping and answer any questions or lend advise to anyone looking for it. As well as seeking advise whenever possible from others that use vaporizers. I'm always looking for new stuff and new tips and tricks.

A couple baselines when it comes to vaping for beginners...
-Clearomizers are the plastic tanks and are generally the cheaper ones because acidic flavors will destroy the tank
-Atomizers are glass tanks that can handle any flavors you wish to vape
-Cartomizers are like atomizers but instead of having a coil head that burns oil from a wick it uses oil soaked cotton

Nicotine Dosage
-36mg is for pack and half or more daily smokers
-24mg is for pack a day smokers
-12mg to 18mg is for half a pack a day smokers
-4mg or 6mg is for occasionally smokers
-Nicotine is optional

I've been vaping for roughly two years now and its been great, I highly recommend it for smokers since you have the option to change flavors, control how much smoke/vapor you want, the nicotine dosage you want, etc. Really there are no limits and everyone can find something that is just right for them. I really enjoy helping people out so if you want to get started I can recommend some great batteries and tanks and if you've been vaping I can help you out with issues you've been having if any.

-------------------------------Added for additional information-----------------------------------

I'm trying to make regular "information posts" that will have helpful hints, tip and general information on particular's so if you see me (or decide you'd like to do an information post) post in this blue colored font; just so that we can easily identify info posts. Please feel free to post requests or message me anytime with info requests or questions.

Here's some great sites that we've found so far and what they're best for. If you know any good sites post them in this thread on PM me and I'll add them to the list.
www.101vape.com -best site so far for hardware at great prices
www.vaporbeast.com -one stop shop for hardware and eliquids
www.giantvapes.com -premium eliquids
www.ecblendflavors.com -custom flavors including ‘create your own’

www.fasttech.com -Buyer Beware; some products are knock-off's not clones but shoddy equipment (excellent return policy/customer care) and slow shipping. {Chinese site}
http://epipemods.com/ -beautiful handcrafted ePipes
www.myfreedomsmokes.com -DIY supplies for making eliquids at home
www.wittyoctopusvapors.com -handmade gourmet eliquids
Thanks man, that is kinda interesting. I had no idea the plastic tanks would get ruined by certain flavors.


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Sep 6, 2005