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Lanceros, Cowgirls and Burritos
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Just finishing this – "Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century" by Sean Patrick.

Then randomly reading Teddy Roosevelt's autobiography...can't get enough on this guy.


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Follow up book to Fingerprints of the Gods, which blew my mind. If you can handle parts of a book that are 20 pages of monotony to prove a very interesting point, I recommend it.
Graham's quite a character! Read that one back in HS. I was fascinated. It piqued my interest in Egyptology in general, which I still enjoy. (I have The Eye of Horus tattooed on the top of my spine.) You're right in that some parts can be extremely dry, but the theme kept me going. However, it was more interesting before the Mayan Calendar ended...

I'm currently reading David Baldacci's Camel Club.