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Feb 11, 2015
Joplin, MO
Never been much of a reader. But now and then I get the urge, or boredom strikes, of I just come across a book that really sparks my interest.
Lately all have come into alignment and I found these books. Just finished the third book and am ready to start the fourth.
If anybody likes action books with a smart ass lead character, check em out. If you have Prime, I believe you can e read them for free to 5 bucks.20200719_200240.jpg
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Oct 7, 2020
I read French literature. Modern.
From M. Duras, P. Brueckner - to P. Rambeau (yes, not Patrick Rambeau's mistake), L. Godet, P. Pejo, M. Tournier.
Most of these authors were filmed, which was the reason for reading.
I am going to read Cornell Woolrich (V. Aerish), from whose works
the pictures "The Bride in Mourning (Black)" were shot, participated in writing the script for the film adaptation,
The Mississippi Siren and Hitchcock made films based on their novels in the noir style, Window to the Courtyard.