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What CC you smoking?


BoM Sept '12 & Aug '13
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I'd love to get more CC talk going so lets share what you're smoking and what you think of it!

I'll start it off with the Edmundo Dantes 109... a very good cigar with great construction. Well worth searching out...

Figure why not smoke with a good BOTL in town.

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Derek | BoM June 2014
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Nightcap is the CF... very good.
Ryan.. dude... that's one heck of a night of cigars man!

These are so damn good. One of those sticks I'm kicking myself for not getting more right away. I think I'm down to 2. They will be savored!
Be glad you got some! I'm late to the party! Can't believe I missed that fiver on the other place...

Smoked a Carlos Fernandez custom rolled "Gran Reserva" blend last night, followed by a SLR Regios. Both were tasty.