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What's Your Favorite Dark Horse?

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May 2, 2018
My definition of a Dark Horse is a Cigar with a brand that no ones ever heard of and is not popular or known.

My favorite Dark Horses that come to mind is
The Ed Hoil Osok
and the Lucious Lyon

I picked up a five pack of Osok Travieso from JR Beat the dealer for $4.00/gar and it was one of the creamiest tasty cigars I've ever smoked. Then I saw em on the Devil's own and bought a 10 pack of Edgar Hoil OSOK Desmadroso for $4.40/Gar. This one was very good but not as good as the much smaller Travieso.

On a lark I bought a Lucious Lyon No 2 on Cbid and liked it so much bought 10 Lucious Lyon No 2 at around $2.00/gar. It's a milder Cigar. This one was a steal since no one never heard of them they went for dirt cheap and they are tasty. Actually as of Jan 16 they are still up on Cbid.


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Sep 29, 2014
Mooresville, IN
The original OSOK were pretty freaking good.
Don't tell @elderboy02 I gave him one and him and Thick_Stick shit all over it.....fuggers

Dark Horse for me:

Old Henry (DPG from Holt's)
Cordorba & Morales - Puro Pinar
Asylum - 4x44
Dim Mak by MoyaRuiz
Epic cigars - I prefer the Corojo & Habanos
Fable Forth Prime
Foundry Time Flies *The white box*
Humo Jaguar

These are a few off the top of my head