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Whynthers shelves in Newair wino?

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Jan 11, 2020
Good afternoon. I have been looking around seeing if anyone has tried this before but have come up empty. I figured I would throw the question out there and see if anyone has tried. I know there are numerous parties out there that will make custom drawers/shelves. But it's been on my mind lately.

Has anyone ever put the drawers or shelves that can be ordered for the Whynter 251S into a Newair 281E? I've been looking at dimensions and they "seem" like they may fit but I really want to know before I try it for myself.

I was looking into these.

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Dec 12, 2019
Lake Mary, FL
I used a newair youtube video to repair my whynter and the components inside looked exactly the same. I think they are the same but we'd need to see if anyone has both and has actually checked.

I bought those extra trays for my whynters and love having the extra but to note they do mess up circulation a bit, I'm using 16 boveda's to maintain even humidity and still the bottom is a couple points lower than the rest . According to Whynter they don't recommend it but I say just keep adding more boveda's or beads or whatever and put in what you want. I have almost 500 stogies in my 251 now.
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Jan 30, 2017
Yea you may have to spend $35 to find out or just go to a custom shelf builder for about the same price per shelf and let them be responsible for the fit.