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Any Other Woodworkers on BOTL?

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Jan 11, 2020
I actually just started getting back into wood working since I've been off work for the past month or so. I'm finding it very therapeutic to work with my hands and create things that people and my family all enjoy. I've also found it as a way to bond with my teenage daughter. Throughout the years we have grown more and more distant but one day a few weeks ago while I was in the garage working she came put and just watched. Eventually she asked if I could teach her to build stuff. I said sure why not. We ended up making some end tables and a sofa table together. Now shes hooked and wants to try and build a coffee table with me! I'm so excited

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Brother Borealis
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Jul 19, 2005
Peters Creek, Alaska
The day will soon be upon us and that day is Thursday: the contractor will be here to replace our boiler, water heater, and garage heater. Fortunately, it's not an emergency job. Everything is just old and tired, being original to the house built in 1984, and we've been talking about upgrading for years. The platform they sit on is old and tired, too and it's my job to build a new one. The new platform is shorter, left-to-right, since the new boiler is narrower than the old unit and we're replacing two 40-gallon gas-fired water heaters with a single indirect model. It's deeper, front-to-back, because the new boiler requires more clearance from the wall in order to meet code.


I finished buying materials Saturday, got it all cut to size, and counterbored/pre-drilled the fastener holes. On Sunday, I assembled the substructure upside-down on a pair of saw horses using lag screws and construction adhesive, then gave it a quick wipedown with boiled linseed oil. I flipped it onto its legs, glued and screwed the decking in place, and laid some vinyl composite tile on top of that. All that remains is to flush trim the tile, install some trim to conceal and protect the plywood/tile edges, and apply a coat of water-repellant finish. Being of 2x6 and 4x4 construction with 10 crossmembers, this thing is an over-engineered, six-legged beast. I know because my aching back tells me it's so.