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Does anyone run into issues from smoking 3 cigars a day everyday?

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Jan 25, 2017
I smoked about 3 daily for a while. I lost some of the enjoyment in it after a while. Flavors diminished and my favorites became just another cigar.

Several have said it - smoke less and enjoy more. For those with zero issue...it must be nice!

What I found to be the best deal slowing down. I bought a ton of smokes, we’ll to me a ton, and now have a wonderful supply of good smokes on hand. Some have aged better than others. My buying habits have changed as well. I tend to buy boxes I want rather than overloading on fivers.

Best to discover how you get the most enjoyment out of a relaxing smoke and run with it.
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Nov 27, 2012
Washington State
I opt for quality over quantity. I keep around some cheaper sticks for sharing with people that are going to take a couple puffs and let it die, but typically I go for just good sticks rather then lots of sticks. If i get to where im smoking daily, i'll usually(like now) take a 2-3 week break to reset myself.
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May 9, 2020
Take a break from smoking, especially retrohaling. Some people it seems are more hardy than others in this area, and others have just forgotten what it's like to have sharp senses, but cigar smoke is damaging to the olfactory nerves, especially via retrohaled smoke from a strong maduro. Sometimes you will knock out your sense of smell and taste entirely for a week or so if you over-do it. It's like a toxic burn.

The good news is that smell receptors regenerate, and quite quickly. If you haven't done too much damage they regenerate daily(this is one of the reasons why cigars taste great one day, and not the next). The olfactory responds better to flavor perception via vapors rather than smoke, which is why a well lubricated mouth yields better taste perception when eating. If you're someone who relies heavily on retrohaling to get your flavor complexity from a cigar then you might be dehydrated. It might not be the case with everyone, but, try drinking 1.5 liters of water, so that you feel good and hydrated, then have a cigar. If you have a well lubricated oral system your saliva will help keep the olfactory moist and help deliver flavors to the smell receptors along side the smoke. You can get all those great flavors without a retrohale that way.