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Lets See Your Rare Cigars

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Oct 3, 2013
Dang, wish I could throw down on some of these. I did just win a bet and he owes me $25+ stick of his choice. Look forward to that arrival!
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Oct 15, 2014
Thanks, I appreciate that!

The Daniel Marshalls I got at Cigar Cathedral in Florida last week. The Fuente Pink at the cigar shop in LBI, NJ (we buy a lot from him, so he allowed me to buy 2 boxes). Purple Rain and the BBMF I got a few years ago from a cigar shop in CA (Palm Desert Tobacco, not sure if they are even still open). The Davidoff's I got from JR Cigar/Montecristo Lounge in NJ.

When I see rare cigars, I try and buy them all.

I just also recently purchased from JR Cigars, these.
Partagas 160 Signature
Partagas Decades Reserve 1998

Last week I was at Davidoff of Tampa, well now knows as Corona Cigars and they have a few pre-Castro Cubans there, $300-400 a stick. However, they also had, pre-Castro Cuban Davidoff's for $1500 a stock. In my 44 years on this earth, I have only ever seen Cuban Davidoff's 2 times, once at Corona Cigar last week and once in Tokyo, Japan at a cigar shop (where I begged him to sell me some, but they were only for members).

I have more cigars that are somewhat rare in the humidor, I'll take some more photos.