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Gotcha. I guess the originals are no more?
They're totes still around. This is just a new/different blend. Kind of like how there's the Montecristo Crafted by AJF, and the Monte by Montecristo by AJF. Almost seems like they're competing with themselves. Which they may be. One might be exclusive in some form or another. I don't really know.
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Found my birthday box. These are usually way too pricey for me but they are one of my favorite DE offerings. I’ve never seen them this cheap. Tempted to buy another.

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Wish I would have seen those. Damn good smokes and won't beat that price ever.

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It's not @ Logix
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Davidoff of Geneva (site) has all variants of the ST Dupont Initial Lighter at 199 that's close to 300 off. You can find a single cigar to throw you over the 200 free shipping and put that 10 bux to a smoke. All of them are showing low stock at the moment so if interested and want to have your choice you may want to hurry.

I know this isn't for everyone, I do like this lighter tho, and maybe someone looking into them could take advantage of it.

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Cigar monster has a good deal on Luminosa again, toro this time @habano-j . A couple other good sticks on there today. Spend $50 to qualify for the discount code.
Maybe I'm blind or they're gone because they aren't coming up on my end. Monster for sure? I check early in the day most every day and didn't see them, checked again now, nothing.