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Today's Smoke - 2022

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Oct 16, 2019
Veteran's Home of Wyoming, Buffalo, Wyoming
Don't expect to make it to midnight so thought I would smoke my first 2022 celebratory cigar this morning. Luciano Fiat Lux generously donated by Navy Vet. Thanks man!

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Definitely not even going to try to stay up until midnight, since i have to be up by 6am for morning medication plus, just never really been into the whole new years thing, especially since I don't drink anymore.

My morning smoke was:
Cigar Bundles of Miami 93 Rated Torpedo Maduro

Good taste, but nothing special

Draw was perfect, but required several puffs to get decent smoke volume, construction was very loosely rolled/underfilled as it was quite squishy, burn was pretty bad for the entire length inspite of multiple corrections.

Don't recall having these issues with the other one i smoked.

Overall, this one at least, was a total failure

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