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Where did everyone migrate to?

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Oct 31, 2009
I like the media integration on Instagram, it’s very easy to post pictures and videos. I’m just not a huge fan of getting ED advertisements every other post (not sure what Facebook thinks you need but I have too many children so I’ll take some ED at this point (y) )

The Reddit sphere of things seems to be geared towards brand, new, smokers, and people that want to know whether or not the Cubans they bought Mexico or fake…. So it’s just a bunch of pictures of fake Cuban cigars.

I Downloaded discord, opened it up. It was instantly confused. It’s very busy and seems hard to navigate…. So I didn’t even try. I’m not an 80 year old shut-in but I sounds likes it.

We definitely have a unique set up on BOTL, I just miss times where you could post up where you were going for the weekend and there was enough people here that would give you a shot at having two or three guys meet up with you (reading back the last sentence sounds super gay, but I’m sticking with it)

Welcome to BOTL Al Pacino
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Aug 11, 2011
Modesto, CA
And back on to the topic of this thread, I remember when people started leaving the old A.S.C. newsgroup for online forums... it sadly became a ghost town of spammers after a while.

Now with forums, people seem to me moving to places where it is less about the relationships and true love of the craft, and more about the glitz and glamour... "Hey look, I spent thousands of dollars on cigars that I will never truly understand nor appreciate, but look what I got!" or "Hey I make ciagrs, but also look at the cars, watches, and other expesive stuff that I have that most of my customers probably won't ever own." It is a loss of that sense of community imho.

I still talk to people from the old A.S.C newsgroup, and met up with one the last time I was here in WA. On the forum I have been a member of the longest that I am a mod on... we have always been small, but we are at the point now it about about 6-8 of us posting regularly. Back in the day we used to get together in Vegas every year, we have visited each other in different parts of the country, and we still post regularly. Those guys are like family. I just think the nature of social media and such has changed the playing field all around, and the cigar community is unfortunately experiencing it as well.