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Beer O da day!

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Jan 17, 2021
Jake, Do you drink Pabst because it is cheap or because it tastes good? Or both? It's an honest question, not trying to be sarcastic, brother I have not had a Pabst in 30 years.
I honestly drink it for the taste. Around here it’s basically the same price as Budweiser. On a case of beer I’m not honestly too worried about a few bucks. I drink Budweiser at my buddies place. To me it’s kinda like coke vs Pepsi. Pabst is more crisp like the coke. If you like regular Ol beer in my opinion you’d like it. If you like super light “easy drinking” beer you might not. My Budweiser drinking pals will drink as many as I hand them.

I think it’s more flavorful than most for better or worse. If I’m drinking beer I like to taste something. Give them a try.


the unforgettable fire
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Jun 26, 2019
Deep in the woods, State of Jefferson
Rogue Ales: Double Chocolate Stout

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Brad, do you know if stouts are gentler on one's waistline?
I almost bought one on the way home from work....I went into the gas station in Chilcoot, saw a few in the cooler, got excited for a second and then ran away as fast as I could.