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FNG here, suppose I should step out from the shadows and (re)introduce myself.

Rating - 100%
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Jul 30, 2017
wha??? that's like saying jack daniels is essentially pappy 23 with rye... :LOL: that's cool though, not sure why I assumed you hadn't played it yet and thought I could save you 40 hours, and glad to know someone enjoyed that game.

yeah, if/when I get a PS5, the FF7 reboots will be mandatory for sure.
I'd put it up there in my top 10 for favorite games - I appreciated the alchemy system, which you could power level and just crush fools with. The mechanics of a boy and his dog was fun, the only thing I thought was weird is the controller setup and moving on an angle. But I wouldn't say it's like Jack Daniels to Pappy 23....I'd call it more like, Chivas Regal to Glenfidditch 18.