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Feb 2, 2015
Still working on building my self-sustaining humidor project. It’s a Pelican 1550 Case. I’ve already got most of the material minus the Boveda pack metal holders and acrylic or glass cigar bins. I have the Boveda Butler and Caliber 4 hygrometer and the necessary Boveda packs for size/capacity. Oh and not to mention the cigars, only have 13 at the moment. Call me a perfectionist but I’d rather have all of the material first before introducing the stogies.

The intention with this project is to not have to worry about reseasoning the Spanish Cedar featured in the humidor, trays, boxes, dividers, etc. There will be absolutely zero Spanish cedar to season. The Boveda packs will do their work and then get recharged.

This is what I’m going for, with the exception of the Spanish cedar trays and foam. I also will have 4 Boveda metal holders mounted on the lid. I figure this will also make for an excellent HERF humidor as well. My box is Desert Tan. Funny to think that I will not only have a humidor that can get run over by a truck, but also float on water and is watertight.

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