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Luckysaturn13 s Dog Rocket Reviews!

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Sep 13, 2014
Hey um So the last time I ordered from this place, the box had a hole in it. I went through this giant analogy .
Here's my next order. Looks like this time, they tape the hole shut. So I guess that's progress.

There's nothing missing. after my last episode I won't buy any loose smokes. Just a 5Vegas Gold pyramid, 20x bundle of Drew Estate Factory Smokes" , and a 12 pak sampler.
Nothing damaged, The Sampler as you can see was taped to the side of the carton. But I was careful.

They're still the easiest place for me to get 5Vegas. And the Drew Estate Factory are actually $3.00 sticks ( 2 fiddy maybe ) Had one and they remind me of Baccarat. Only darker, Brazilian ?
The have the slightly sweetened tip like a Baccarat. Not infused. Well, maybe since they're Drew Estates they call it infused. It's not a freakin Blondie. Promise.

This is a stock photo off the internet. Just making that clear, because I think I see @gurgalunas unicorn traveldor back there.

Best Regards
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May 7, 2014
Montreal, Qc, CANADA
We've had discussions about how to handle this year's edition.

With confinement we figured it wasn't bright to have a box cross the countries back and forth.

How do you guys see it for 2020?