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May 18, 2020
All but the bottom left, Where rolled yesterday and today. The ones bundled on upper right are from today

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Apr 25, 2020
From my first real order of leaf, as my previous cigars have been from kits.

#1 (left) 1 Piloto Cubano Viso, 1 Corojo Seco, 1 T-13 Viso, Dom binder, Ecuadorian Seco Shade Wrapper.
#2 (right) .5 Flojo Seco, 1 CV Corojo Viso, 1 T-13 Viso, Nic binder, Habano 2000 Wrapper.

It's hard to tell by my phone camera, but the right is darker. I thought the Hab 2000 would be much darker. The T-13 leaf is HUGE!!! I just threw some stuff together that sounded like it might be good together. Smoked #1 last night after a little rest and drying out. I liked the mix. I am about to have my afternoon smoke with #2. Hope it's as good or better than #1. I'm still working on the flag and cap... lol. -Rex

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May 9, 2014
Newark, Dull-Aware
Bliss sent me some superb Habano shade wrapper. I rolled a quickie plump perfecto with it just now. Honduran guts, half Hond viso & half seco, with a soupcon of Dom T-13, Dominican bound, wrapped in this new-to-me shade grown Habano that he sent.

Because this is just a testfecto, that means I won't give it time to dry & age. So I can't say what the eventual color will look like. But I feel sure that this wrap will shrink tight and shine, given time to.

Studying Laravel just now. Soon as my brain gets scrambled, I'll take this outside on the smoking porch to chill & try it out.

Life is sweet.

I can see this needing anejo rum.
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Jun 11, 2015
This one just criollo seco and corojo seco, bound with a thin ligero leaf. The wrapper is a nice piece of piloto cubano viso filler that looked too pretty to be on the inside of the cigar.


A day later and the color wrapper is dry, no more blotchiness. And it smoked well, pretty mellow morning smoke.20200526_084510.jpg
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Jan 3, 2020

Leaf from LeafOnly.com. Rolled 04/01/2020.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo

Binder: PA Oscuro (Broadleaf)

Jalapa - Seco
Jalapa - Ligero
Esteli - Seco

Turned out pretty good. Needed more time but waited as long as I could. We end wanting to try it since I rolled them. I have more waiting. Rolled 6 total. Wrapped 2 with this wrapper then 2 other wrappers. I think the bunch is over powering the Ecuadorian wrapper.

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